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Would The Anti-Christ Use Heel Lifts

Category: Entertainment: Magic

As is becoming increasingly apparent lately, with the banking system under constant spotlight on account of claims of mismanagement and straight up fraud, bankers appear to have delusions of grandeur or possibly a a lot better than you attitude. Bankers, it seems, look down on the remainder of humankind, like the ancient gods that toyed with the Greeks in times passed by. The opportunity or preference to look down on other people is literally impossible when you happen to be on the same levels as people you would like to look down on. Being elevated is a powerful advantage if not a prerequisite, this scenario can come about, only when you are physically higher. To achieve this superiority of elevation, the banker has to be, either established in the celestial heavens or taller than his or her competitors. Being taller than one's peers is clearly the only way a banker may look down on anybody, bankers are certainly not recognized for their deity or heavenly reputation, I am thinking that all bankers venture downwards once they shuffle from this mortal coil called life, I might be mistaken however i earnestly doubt it, because i possess great arrogance and a belief in myself that is almost banker like in it's power. Should God determine that your life will be used gazing up in wonderment at others blessed with a more significant height than yourself, there is not a thing that even a banker is able to do about it. This has always been the situation, right up until someone with a strategy for a lucrative voyage and a complete disregard for what the all powerful one decreed, decided to invent Heel Lifts. This place of history has been disregarded by great historians or actually covered up by those that have a conspiracy theory bent. A number of people empowered with much greater practical knowledge than me, would have us believe that the invention of electrical power or the birth of quantum physics had the biggest influence on humanity, I point these higher thinkers to the creation of heel lifts and as supporting proof I point to the life and vocation of the former French leader, Nicholas Sarkozy. Quantum physics and electrical power mixed in large volumes could never have propelled our tiny Frenchman to such political heights as running the world's favorite country. Without heel lifts Mr Sarkozy might have continued to be unheard of and little. Despite having heel lifts Nicky's actual physical height never compared favorably with his political victories. Bankers, like Sarkozy are limited, maybe not as obviously limited but the difference would be minimal. Bankers need assistance to look down on anyone, consider a banker throughout his formative school years, I guarantee these folks were neither popular nor in physical form desirable. Bankers, like Sarkozy, require help because of their elevation, enter heel lifts, the technology that transformed humans once and for all. I understand I am asking that, you the reader make a giant leap here, definitely quantum physics and electricity appear a whole lot more significant and influential than heel lifts, quite possibly due to the cover up we talked about early on. Think about this, with out heel lifts, mightthe shortest Frenchman in history ever develop into a world leader? minus the humble heel lift, would the financial crash and burn of 2008 have happened? I think the evidence is convincing. Barrack Obama is, in a natural way tall as is confirmed by his basketball abilities and noticeable height, he is the president of the 2nd most important country in the world right after France, Barrack looks down on everybody, even Sarkozy, I claim that this is thanks to his enhanced height, Sarkozy and all the bankers of this world, can recognize an unjust advantage, this is the main reason they are bankers and Sarkozy is Sarkozy. Without heel lifts, bankers, Sarkozy and any other members of the much advertised new world order would be shorter than you or I and would be struggling to look down on virtually anyone except the odd North Korean or two. The planet might be a more pleasant and more safe place and bankers would assume the position in contemporary culture that God intended for these people.
Date Added: October 20, 2012 03:50:12 PM
Author: Boyce Worthington
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